careerWorking at syze means growing.

Join our team of people obsessed with making things more digital, more beautiful, simpler and better. Or maybe working on something completely new and different. As you will see: It’s not always easy. But we help and support each other and grow together. It works – and is a lot of fun!

current Vacancies

Even if you don’t find the right thing at this moment in time: If you feel like you would like to work with us, we should definitely get to know each other! Just write us an email.

what we can offer youEight good reasons for working at syze.

  • 1. Work the way it suits you.

    You are at your most creative at night? You can only work in the morning because the rest of the day belongs to the family? In summer, you need sea views from the office window? Or you want Fridays off? That’s fine with us! Let’s just talk about it first.

  • 2. Learn from the best.

    Our team is not only made up of concept designers, copywriters, consultants and developers, but also startup founders, real estate investors, crypto maniacs, spice gurus, super moms and dads, professional musicians and generally people who have been doing the most amazing and crazy things for more than 20 years. The list of awards and achievements is long – and so is the list of failures. It’s not only fun to work with us – you can also really learn something here.

  • 3. We are all equal and no-one is more equal.

    We treat each other with friendliness, respect and empathy – and always as an equal. This applies to cooperating in the syze team as well as to communicating with customers and service providers. For the intern as well as for the managing director. Without exception.
    By the way: If the headline seems a little strange, watch the movie “Animal Farm”. Highly recommended!

  • 4. There has to be fun, too.

    At syze, we not only have flat hierarchies, but also flat jokes. And if you don’t want to hear them: Just do it better! Whether it’s a video call with colleagues, a customer meeting on site or in the weekend’s e-mail– there is always room for a good laugh and promoting a good mood.

  • 5. Health always comes first.


  • 6. Full-time? Freelancer? Passion and motivation are the main things we are looking for.

    Our team includes permanent staff as well as creative freelancers. It doesn’t matter if you have a fixed contract or agreed set of hours, whether you are employed on a project basis or if you are on call. Way more important for us is your technical expertise, having the right team spirit and, of course, the enthusiasm for the task at hand.

  • 7. Super-duper team events.

    Company outings, summer party, Christmas party… Yes, we do everything… Yawn. No, don’t yawn!!
    It doesn’t always have to be the most exciting, expensive, Instagrammable or superlative, but we promise you: Every syze event is a lot of fun!

  • 8. You decide which direction you want to go.

    Recognizing any of these? Exciting new tasks that make it difficult to get up in the morning? Further training that makes you want to jump on the train home? Targets as exciting as watching paint dry? Or a promotion that feels like a punishment?
    These things don’t exist at syze. A promise as last: With us you can achieve anything YOU want. Nothing more, nothing less.

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