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syze developed a brand and communication strategy for Eitco including the associated launch campaign for the independent “Application Management Services” division – under the EITCO brand umbrella “Your Digital Future”.


The relatively new service area of Application Management Services (AMS) encompasses a cornucopia of disciplines – from IT process consulting and DevOps to automation, networking and operational support. Although it is often organically integrated into IT structures, the generic term was hardly established or known at the time of conception. Apart from the reasonably straight forward SEO and SEA terms, the complex elements were a communicative challenge. Not only should the diverse core messages be condensed and succinct, but also positioned under an existing brand umbrella.

our Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Research & Analysis
  • Content Marketing & PR
  • Communication Design & Brand Development
  • Creative Work & User Experience
  • SEO & SEM


In addition to the basic work, the evaluation of the business case, the definition of goals and target groups, positioning on the market, developing tonality, core messages, USPs, identifying potential, opportunities and lead funnels, development and structuring of possible content types and building blocks, a creative, integrated campaign approach (visual / content-related) was adapted for all relevant action channels (online ads, content marketing, PR, sales…). This also included the development of strategic recommendations on intensity & frequency, for example. These points would have to be implemented in various areas such as a landing page, white papers, expert checks, and many other new touchpoints.


Application Management Services are here – both for customers and within the various Eitco departments. The added value of a holistic service, the positioning within the brand world of Eitco, the integration of sales with a door opener in the form of an expert check-up now bring together a conglomerate of different disciplines to a cooperative. AMS integration is a very good example of new potential being tapped into through communication at the product and process level in a state-of-the-art brand world operating at a very high level.

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