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syze was able to support Roche Pharma AG in the development of its digital customer relationship instruments and in increasing its market share in the indication mCRC (oncology) as well as supporting the HR & Team Performance segment for iSquad COE of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. The focus was on a scientific exchange platform for the target group of oncologists in Germany: An interactive event platform with a symposium booking tool, integrated patient case app and associated community as well as the development of a software for measuring team performance.

challenge & insight

The focus of the platform was to discuss the latest scientific findings in regard to real patient cases. Not only in the context of events and symposia (Avastin Avantgarde), but also to make comprehensive understanding and expert knowledge digitally accessible to the target group at a new level and quality. The aim being to reduce the gap between the state of research and the level of knowledge of oncologists in private practices. The platform developed for this purpose can be seen as an instrument to aid physicians’ relationships, whereby customer loyalty, discourse and exchange of information is shared and offers oncologists significant added value.

Together with Roche, we also tested our software developed on the basis of a study by Goethe University, the APS (Atmosphere Performance Scale). The software represents a validated measurement method to evaluate and compare the employee performance of interdisciplinary teams. The knowledge gained can then be incorporated into recommendations for action pertaining to employee management and team structure. It can also lead to the implementation of team policies and marketing measures for leadership, HR and field service.

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Roche is a good example of how much impact can be made by a holistic approach that does not impose digital transformation and innovation, but rather incorporates the company’s own structure and culture.

The new platform was organically integrated into structures and processes of the company – the newly accessible touchpoints were made available and readily used. 10% more customer contacts in just 6 months, steadily increasing numbers of participants and a sustainable strengthening of awareness and image of the Avastin Avantgarde event series are just part of the success story.

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