portfolioThe Full Package: Digital Landscape and Visual Appearance for UCB Global


We accompanied UCB Pharma from the development of the CIMZIA Digital Landscape through global digital branding to marketing process optimization and change management.


The central challenge at UCB Pharma was to improve and transform the digital culture and structure while adhering to a stringent cross-application communication process. A wide variety of media, internal and external processes had to be pulled together into a common strategic and communicative objective. The focus was on reinventing the digital presence, regardless of the indication. At the same time, further topics were the development of the patient journey and, as a counterpart, the development of effective medical relationship instruments.

our Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Research & Analysis
  • Content Marketing & PR
  • Communication Design & Brand Development
  • Creative Work & User Experience
  • Digital Campaigns and Integrated Marketing
  • Development & Technology


After a detailed analysis of success factors, communication & marketing, structure, processes, equipment and budget, we developed concrete recommendations for improving UX/UI, SEO / SEM, use of innovative technologies (VR, telemedicine), interactivity, measurability options and content marketing.

Along with the digitization of the field of immunology, the implementation of a digital hub with outsourced apps was the core of our strategy, taking the form of a medical education platform as a modern customer relationship instrument. This involved the excitation of a new CI for the entire corporate communication, input on team and marketing process optimization, input on change management as well as expertise in building brand and organizational structure and optimizing team performance through our own software tool – APS.

In addition, the software developed on the basis of a study by Goethe University, the APS (Atmosphere Performance Scale), was also put into action. A software that represents a validated measurement method to evaluate and compare the employee performance of interdisciplinary teams.


Together with UCB, we achieved a measurable improvement in product perception, differentiation from the competition, and a significant growth in the advertised market segment. Last but not least, the digital design guideline developed by us was adapted into the global UCB digital landscape due to its high functionality and demonstrably high user acceptance.

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